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I have worked on Windows machines for as long as I can remember, and for that same period of time have disliked the inefficiency it brings with it. Four years ago, I decided to go back to school and purchased a MacBook. This machine just makes me drool, not because it is sleek and beautifully designed, but because it runs the Unix backed OS X. This is what an operating system should be like, simple and yet ultra efficient. This new experience led me to trying my hand at Linux, and so my journey began…
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server was my first test, and it was fierce. The conversion was just insane, but very gratifying. This blog will allow me to translate, to you my fellow n00bs, what it was like to take the dive and finally maximize my computing potential. The blog has been a little stagnant as I thought about what direction to take, but I have decided to transcribe what I have learned. I will begin with Java and C++, which I need for computer science. I will also learn newLsip and Clojure, as I am scheduled to take an artificial intelligence class. Information Security is something I might pursue after 2012, so this might sneak in as well. In a former life, I was a master certified BMW mechanic, and might pass this knowledge on before it is replaced in my brain with engineering and computing knowledge. I will comment on computer science in general, and attempt to not get off topic too much. I hope you enjoy the site, and leave a comment or two. Thanks and enjoy.

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