Mac App Review: Nambu

by FossilizedCarlos on May 12, 2009

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Nambu is a social networking client for Mac Os x. I am currently using it for twitter, but it has the capability to handle Friendfeed,,,, and the team is currently working on adding Facebook functionality. I liked that Nambu was a stand alone application native to Mac OSX, which meant I did not required Adobe Air to run the app.

The application had three views, with the single column being the default. The other two options where single column with options, and multicolumns. Nambu allows for the categorization of the people you follow, and also allows the use of separate columns to view these categories. You could utilize the columns to view your direct messages, mention tweets, as well as view all sent and received links, and also check trends. Nambu has a very clean user interface, and the settings allow you to optimize for easy reading. The general settings menu allows for tracking of read tweets by dimming the item. The user interface also allows for you to reply, retweet and direct message. You can follow, block, translate, hide and add to favorites.


Nambu allows the user to optimize and customize their twitter experience. Also, it allows an easier avenue to keep up with your messages. We all know this can be a daunting task when you are following thousands of people and have thousands of followers. I highly recommend Nambu as it is free and very easy to use.

Pros: Multi-Column view, multiple support, categories
Cons: Freezes at times, difficult to handle after the hide feature is active.

Overall, it is great for being in Beta. I look forward to their future development and improvement.

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